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Boost your search engine ranking by making all your information indexable by the search engines. Something you can’t achieve with traditional keywords or rich snippets.


Increase your organic growth by shifting your attention to your audience and integrate user behaviour into your content marketing campaigns.


Grow your online leads. The sole focus on keywords misses out on the question what the searchers want to find. With high bounce rates and poor user experience as a result.

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What is Semantic Search?

Semantic search seeks to understand natural language the way a human would. Semantic search has evolved in large part due to the rise of voice search. Mobile voice commands are now commonplace and using voice commands on devices is growing rapidly. Optimizing for voice search is very different from traditional SEO because you need to immediately get to the point (for intent-based searches) and keep your content much more conversational.

Focus Shifts from Keywords to Topics

It’s time to stop creating content around keywords. Instead, you should be thinking about broad topics in your niche that you can cover in-depth. The goal here is to create comprehensive, original, and high-quality resources.

What You Can Do

Instead of creating dozens of short, disparate pages each with its own topic, consider creating “ultimate guides” and more comprehensive resources that your users will find valuable.

How is it done?

Search engines have difficulty interpreting the context of text on your website. For search engines it are just strings of keywords. This can best be demonstrated with an example. A human understands immediately:

  • John Doe is the CEO of ACME
  • John Doe is on a sailboat in the Golf of Mexico
  • There is only one sailboat in the Golf of Mexico
  • There is a sailboat capsized in the Golf of Mexico

Search engines have difficulty interpreting the context of the strings of keywords. A lot of assumptions in this text are implicit. We immediately know that John Doe is in trouble, but computers cannot reason just on this strings of keywords and miss out on the context.

We need to translate the strings of text to entity’s in structured data. In order to accomplice this we have to make use of the same Artificial Intelligence that is used by the search engines. The Artificial Intelligence that’s is used by the search engines on structured data is called: an inferencing engine. Datamachine Workbench is developed with this goal in mind.



Easy to use –   The AI-engine makes sure you can’t make technical or semantic mistakes


Full service possible –   The Datamachine organisation is focussed to make things as easy and convenient as possible for you, strategy, implementation, training and ongoing support


Scalable –   There is no limit to how many pages you want to enrich in your domain


Secure –   You own your work-product and are in full control of strategy, content, and deployment


Cost efficient –   Feed the search engines with rich data and save at the same time on expensive online advertising