We connect your content with the right audience

Dear business builder,

Imagine that all your content you create on you website, social media, blogs, reviews, movies etc. will be directly linked to the audience you create it for. Your sales will increase dramatically as you are able to answer the search questions of your potential leads.

Well that sounds too good to be true right? Well, let us explain. The customer journey starts nowadays at a search engine. People start with typing/asking questions therefore your content and search engine findability are essential. Without one, your efforts on the other are seriously diminished.

We help you to index all the content/information of your company to the search engine. This makes sure the search engine will understand you better and lead to broadener search results and a boost in your search engine ranking. However, this is not focussed on your traditional keyword but the focus is here on long tail and voice search. You will be able to answer the questions better your bounce rate will be drastically lower and your user experience will increase.

interested in growing your brand online and getting more qualitative leads?


Increase your organic reach.

By making all your information indexable. This will lead to broadener search results and boost your search engine ranking. The main focus is on the longtail en voice search


Be able to answer de questions.

The datamachine technology enables you to anwer the questions your customer is looking for. This is done via de structured way of the knowledge graph the search engine will understand the website better and your website will give the right answers to the questions people are looking for.


Grow your online leads.

 Keywords misses out on the question what the searchers want to find. With high bounce rates and poor user experience as a result. The datamachine technology makes sure the right searcher finds you.