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We connect your content with the right audience


We are a company who helps you to be found in the online world. We index all the information and the indexed data we provide to the search engine. The indexing is done with the use of knowledge graph technology in this way we provide the search engines with information so the search engines get contextual knowledge about your company. If the searcher does not put in the words exactly the search engines use the information from the knowledge graph to provide the searcher with the right answer. This will lead to more qualitative traffic to the websites. It will enhance the findability, leads to broadener search results and it boost your search engine ranking.

This can be seen as SEO 2.0


Increase your organic reach.

By making all the context of your information indexable. This will lead to broadener search results and boost your search engine ranking. The main focus is on the longtail en voice search


Be able to answer de questions.

The knowledge graph technology enables you to focus on answering the questions your customer is looking for. By building your own knowledge graph the search engines integrate the context of your information in the answers of the search questions.


Grow your online leads.

 Keywords are missing out on the question what the searchers want to find. With high bounce rates and poor user experience as a result. The Datamachine technology makes sure the right searcher finds you.